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Airport Transfer

Anna Zheng | Jan 26, 2018

4 Options For Your Guangzhou Airport Transfer

For those doing business regularly in China, Guangzhou is often an important transportation hub. The city holds the biannual Canton Fair which sees exhibitors and visitors flock from all over the world and all year round business travelers fly into Guangzhou to visit their suppliers that are located in the surrounding area. Time is often of the essence on such trips and by planning the correct airport transfer you can save time and avoid stresses. Below is a guide to the top 4 options for your Guangzhou Airport Transfer.

Beijing airport transfer by car with driver

Where Are You Headed?

Depending on whether you are visiting for a trade show in the city or visiting suppliers in the nearby area, travelers may be heading to very different areas of Guangzhou. Below is a guide to the key destinations for visitors and where they are located in the provincial capital.

  • Canton Fair– Hundreds of thousands of business travelers visit Guangzhou each year to attend the Canton Fair. The exhibition takes place at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in the southern district of Haizhu.
  • Zhujiang New Town – Business travelers visiting Guangzhou may wish to locate themselves in Zhujiang New Town in the south of Tianhe district. The area is home to the Canton Tower, the tallest structure in the city, as well as a whole host of high-end restaurants, bars, and hotels.
  • Guangzhou East Railway Station – Located in the central district of Tianhe, Guangzhou East Railway Station services the MTR Intercity Through Train to Hung Hom in Hong Kong and regular trains to cities like Shenzhen and Dongguan. Tianhe is considered the downtown of Guangzhou so travelers can find plenty of shopping, dining, and accommodation options in the area surrounding the station.
  • Guangzhou South Railway Station – Guangzhou South Railway Station services high-speed trains and is situated in the southernmost district of Panyu. Travelers can find lines including Guangzhou-Guiyang, Guangzhou-Nanning, Guangzhou-Wuhan, and Guangzhou-Zhuhai.


Guangzhou Airport Transfer By Subway

guangzhou airport transfer

  • Cost: RMB2-14
  • Comfort & Convenience: 6/10


  • Journey Time To Canton Fair: 1 Hour 50 Mins
  • Journey Time To Zhujiang New Town: 1 Hour 25 Mins
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou South Railway Station: 2 Hours
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou East Railway Station: 1 Hour 10 Mins


Most of Guangzhou can be reached by riding the city’s subway system that consists of 13 lines and 231 stops. The subway station at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport allows passengers to connect with the downtown area.



  • Beginning with one line and five stations in 1998, the Guangzhou subway system now extends to 13 lines and 231 stations. Travelers transferring from the airport can expect to be able to reach their destination or, at the very least, somewhere nearby.
  • Travelers who do not speak Chinese need not worry while riding the Guangzhou subway. All announcements are bilingual and all signs are available in both Chinese and English.



  • If you are on a tight schedule and looking for a quick airport transfer, the subway may not be the best mode of transport for you. Although the Guangzhou subway network is extensive, it is not always the quickest way to travel. Take Guangzhou South Railway Station as an example. From Guangzhou Airport by subway it takes around two hours, but by car, it only takes about one hour.
  • Travelers should also be prepared for one to two changes during a Guangzhou airport transfer by subway. For those new to China, these changes can sometimes be stressful and the change over at some stations may involve long walks.
  • The Guangzhou subway is rarely quiet for traveling, but during the morning and evening rush hours, it can be dangerously overcrowded. Visitors are strongly recommended to avoid traveling during these times at all costs. After a long-haul flight, the last place you want to be is squashed on a subway train and trying to avoid losing your luggage as you are pushed.



You can arrange an airport transfer from Guangzhou airport with a private car and driver that will pick you up and drop you safely at your destination in Guangzhou. Have a question? 






Guangzhou Airport Transfer By Bus

  • Cost: RMB8-30
  • Comfort & Convenience: 5/10

Guangzhou airport transfer

  • Journey Time To Canton Fair: 2 Hours 45 Mins
  • Journey Time To Zhujiang New Town: 2 Hours 30 Mins
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou South Railway Station: 3 Hours
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou East Railway Station: 2 Hours


The Guangzhou bus system is popular with local passengers and while it may not be as used by international visitors, travelers can travel by bus from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to their destination.



  • Of course, the cost of the bus varies depending on where in the city you require transferring to, but generally speaking, no ticket will be more than RMB30, which makes riding the bus the cheapest option for a Guangzhou Airport Transfer.
  • The bus routes from Guangzhou Airport are well connected with the rest of the city and, in most cases, travelers will be able to find an airport transfer heading to the area they need to be.



  • The reason for most areas of Guangzhou being so well connected to the airport is due to the fact that the airport transfer buses have so many stops and they do not strictly follow the bus schedule. Journeys that by bus may take more than two hours and a half can be completed in less than one hour by those who use a private car service.
  • Although the Guangzhou subway offers passengers both English and Chinese signs along with announcements in both languages, travelers expecting the same tourist-friendly service on the buses will be sorely disappointed. Only travelers with strong Chinese language skills will feel confident taking a bus for their Guangzhou airport transfer.
  • Those who do ride the bus to transfer from the airport to the city should be wary of thieves operating on public transport, especially on buses. Pickpockets are known to thrive during rush hour when the bus may be overcrowded, making it easier for them to snatch luggage without travelers noticing and even harder to pursue once they have.


Guangzhou Airport Transfer By Taxi

  • Cost: RMB150-215
  • Comfort & Convenience: 7/10

Guangzhou airport transfer

  • Journey Time To Canton Fair: 45 Mins
  • Journey Time To Zhujiang New Town: 40 Mins
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou South Railway Station: 1 Hour 10 Mins
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou East Railway Station: 50 Mins


For visitors in a rush to reach a trade show or eager to get started on a full itinerary of factory visits, it may be best to avoid public transport altogether and to try to hail a taxi.



  • After a long flight being surrounded by other passengers, treat yourself to some privacy by hailing a taxi for your Guangzhou airport transfer. By traveling alone, travelers have the space to make some phone calls or to relax comfortably.
  • Using public transport for your Guangzhou airport transfer usually results in travelers having to deal with more stress and pressure while also losing valuable time. With a taxi, you are able to relax in the back seat and allow your driver to worry about getting you to your final destination.



  • Although there are certainly convincing arguments for taking a taxi for your Guangzhou airport transfer, one of the largest stumbling blocks is that travelers often cannot even get a taxi to begin with. At Guangzhou Airport, the taxi ranks are known to become overcrowded and the lines can grow long. After what has often been a long journey with plenty of queues, the last thing any traveler wants to see is another line.
  • Even if you are lucky enough to get a taxi, there are further issues to navigate before beginning on your Guangzhou airport transfer. Most taxi drivers in the city cannot speak any English, which makes simple instructions and basic questions impossible to convey.
  • Yet the biggest disadvantage facing visitors looking to use a taxi for their Guangzhou airport transfer is the taxi scams. Travelers are recommended to avoid drivers who refuse to use their meter and be wary of meters that are rigged and drivers who intentionally drive the long way around to drive up the meter. The issue is that the second scam is difficult to deal with once spotted and the third is impossible for newcomers to the city to notice.



Guangzhou Airport Transfer By Private Car

Guangzhou airport pickup


  • Journey Time To Canton Fair: 45 Mins
  • Journey Time To Zhujiang New Town: 40 Mins
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou South Railway Station: 1 Hour 10 Mins
  • Journey Time To Guangzhou East Railway Station: 50 Mins


Those who choose to book a private car in advance will find they are met at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport by an English speaking driver and travel in a luxury car to their destination. Travelers can relax and enjoy the comfort and convenience that is associated with a private car service.


  • Business travelers who choose to rent a car in Guangzhou can enjoy the convenience of being greeted directly for their Guangzhou Airport pickup. Whether it is to go to the Canton Fair or to visit a supplier outside of the city, the private driver will ensure to drop you off exactly where you need to be.
  • There are a number of services where you can rent a car with a driver Guangzhou and most boast a large fleet of car types to choose from. Whether it’s a Mercedes S-Class, Toyota Camry, or a minivan for a group, you can book a car in Guangzhou for in advance and forget about all the usual stresses of an airport transfer.
  • Travelers can book in advance a car rental in Guangzhou and also enjoy the perks a VIP fast-track service at Guangzhou Airport. Passengers will be met directly at the gate by a friendly and English speaking concierge, to be guided through every step of a Guangzhou airport meet & assist service from immigration, customs, to your private car. A customs fast-track service in Guangzhou allows travelers to make it through the airport as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of stress.
  • Rent a car in Guangzhou advance and remove the risk of becoming the victim of the taxi scams that are rife in Mainland China. Travelers can also relax safe in the knowledge that their driver can speak English in case there are any changes to the travel plan or if any issues arise.



  • While a renting a car with a driver in Guangzhou is admittedly more expensive than public transport, the advantages far outweigh the money spent. For most travelers, it is the fastest and least stressful option for their Guangzhou Airport transfer. By transferring by private car, you can save a significant amount of time and be able to follow your schedule.



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